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Your Working Brain

Why attend this seminar?

Your brain is the driving force behind every thought, memory, emotion and behaviour that you have ever had - or ever will have.  So it is worth understanding how it works both for and against you. This means that you can then use it more wisely and become more effective with the challenges that you face.

In this one day seminar you will learn practical strategies and techniques to improve your professional performance usng that powerful resource that you were born with, but which is under utilised, or even acting against you. The training is underpinned by the latest neuroscience findings, applying them to the world of work, coaching and personal development.

If you think that you don't need this seminar then beware as the brain can be vain, deluded and even pig-headed!

Seminar Content

  • How your brain distorts and deceives you
  • How your memory works and sometimes doesn't
  • Why your brain feels taxed and how to take control
  • How to direct your own brain chemistry to work more effectively
  • How to increase your willpower and overcome challenges more easily
  • How to keep cool in situations so you can take the best decision possible
  • How to collaborate with others more productively
  • Why providing feedback is so difficult and how to make it easier
  • Understanding the OK plateau for your skills development and how to move off it
  • How talent is created and why it's neither nurture nor nature (essential if you have kids!)
  • Why mindfulness meditation is both relevant and effective


This seminar is provided in-house for organisations and teams for CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

Why take this seminar with Peter?

For over thirty years Peter Delves has been exploring how the brain works and teaching how we can use it to it's optimum. He has been especially interested in learning and teaching practical techniques that work such as Self-Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Mindfulness Meditation. He has  helped individuals and organisations overcome a wide range of difficulties and achieve unexpected success. Peter's seminars and workshops have a reputation for being highly informative, participative and fun.

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